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Node Flinging

TODO : Explain the trick and how to do it

List of potentially important nodes

Act 2

  • Directly in front of purging tool in Tadpoling Centre: 688/18.76/17.18
  • Immediately before Ketheric door: 810.44/-42.81/-25.25 (this is not in the arena and is in the Mind Flayer Colony)

Act 3

  • Top of brain stem before entering the Atop the Netherbrain area: 395/35.59/76 (plenty of wiggle room for X and Y coordinates)
  • Directly in front of brain boss in the final room (end_netherbrain): 220/-61.49/4259
  • Directly in front of the exit from Wyrm's Crossing to Baldur's Gate: 2/42.97/273 (significant x/y wiggle room)
  • Directly next to Orin's Netherstone in dev room: -1544/0/263
  • Directly next to Gortash's Netherstone in dev room: 607.63/0/-768.3 (significant x/y wiggle room)