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Nautiloid Skip

What is it?

The Nautiloid skip is a way for us to bust into the final room of the Nautiloid almost immediately after waking up on the ship. If done optimally, you consistently can be through the entire Nautiloid sequence in around 33-34 seconds.


You'll want to do the following before even loading into the Nautiloid.

  1. (Optional) Set your framerate cap to 60. As of 11/28/2023, I've been able to consistently get this trick with an uncapped frame rate, but some people swear that they need the frame rate cap. This may depend on hardware, so you'll probably want to stick with a framerate cap when learning the trick to eliminate as many possible reasons for failure as you can.

  2. Bind "Interact" to Shift + Scroll Wheel Up/Down. This can be a different key + scroll wheel depending on personal preference, and it doesn't matter whether it's scroll up or down as long as you're getting the input off quickly enough. The goal here is to make it significantly easier for us to spam inputs.

  3. Optionally, set your Tactical View bind to ` or any other button you can easily reach. This isn't strictly necessary if you'd rather not rebind keys, but it makes panning your camera significantly easier.

  4. The character you're using should have access to Enhance Leap and ideally as high of a strength stat as possible (17 for level 1 characters).

Performing the Skip

You can use the video below for reference for pulling this off.

  1. Upon loading into the Nautiloid, immediately cast Enhance Leap on yourself.

  2. Advance to the Us room using jumps, and position yourself just past the rubble, around here.

  1. In no particular order: dash, enter tactical view, and pan your camera upwards. If you're advanced, you can do all of these at once. While learning, I would recommend sticking to getting the camera in position first, then worrying about your dash. The area you're trying to get your camera to is the spot where you can see a faint light source.

Since Patch 4, this visual cue doesn't exist anymore. You can press Jump to see the jump distance radius, and use the circle as a guide until you find the point the most to the left that says only "Path interrupted"