Glitches and Mechanics

Item Duplication


Loading a savegame, while items are travelling in the air, results in them landing in this savegame. So in order to duplicate an item, save the game, throw the item and load while it's still travelling.



Repeatedly clicking the ground while a cutscene is running allows the character to keep moving during it.

Movement Directions

In the early Divinity games, players move faster diagonally than straight forward. So while running at 45°, the player's speed is 1.41x of normal speed. This applies similarly to all 16 directions of movement.

While running right and slightly up or left and slightly down, clicking repeatedly results in the player getting 1.5x horizontal speed (or 1.58x overall). For optimal horizontal movement, maximize the amount of time running like this.


Alt-tabbing out of the game moves all characters except the main character (including enemies/NPCs) slightly to the left. Doing so repeatedly (without moving in between) can be used to clip through walls.


Pyramids and Walls

When placed up close to a wall, pyramids may place you on the other side of it. The game will cycle through two positions it places you at, which may be on opposite sides of the wall.

Instant placement

Scrolling to a desired location and throwing a pyramid to teleport there is in itself a quick way to move around. Having duplicated a pyramid and split dropping it, results in it landing instantly, cutting out the time it would take for it to fly there.

Teleporting while throwing

A pyramid's teleport location is not set until it lands, so duplicates of the same pyramid can be thrown at the same time and act as a destination until the next one lands.


Passive Critters

Passive critters (such as (Tibar, rats, cats etc.) will become aggressive permanently, when clicked on with a drawn weapon (hitting them is not necessary).

Vision out of bounds

After clipping out of bounds, vision will typically be restricted to a very smallsquare around the character. This can be reset to normal by either save-loading or using the pyramids. A decent bit of distance needs to be maintained to any structures around, so the new position is not associated with a specific location.

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